School and classes, When Life Happens

The first day!

I’m back at school yet again, for the last year of my undergrad degree. I graduated from high school in 1999, and I’m still doing an undergrad…you can do the math…that’s a long time!

There are many reasons why it has taken so long to finish my degree. Someone very close to me put it best: I lost my way. I had no clear path straight out of high school, and I spent many years chasing what I thought other people expected of me and not enough time doing what I wanted. I should have listened to all the people (and there were, honestly, 2 or 3) who said I’d be a good teacher, because that’s where I’m hoping to head now! I really feel that the profession is my calling in life, and that there is no reason that I should not attain the goal. I can think of many teachers (those who have personally taught me and others) who are no more passionate or qualified for the position I am. That may sound cocky, but it’s what I need in order to pump myself up for the hard months ahead!

I have had 2 classes so far today- Organic Chemistry being the first. It’s not my most favorite or strongest subject, but I’ve promised myself that I will tolerate it and get a mark of at least B-. I have no grand illusions; I know I’m not going to get an A, but I’m sure going to work towards it. My other class today was a  Biology class, and the prof is awesome! It’s definitely not going to be an easy course- there are lab and online components, and there will be a dizzying array of muscles and bones and names to memorize- but the class interests me, and for me that’s the key to success.

It can only go forward from here!


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