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Why I will not be paying for a parking pass…

The educational institution I attend charges 79 DOLLARS for the privilege of using its sub-standard parking facilities. The fee keeps going up year after year, and after paying over $2000 on car repairs this summer (which represents nearly three-quarters of one semester’s tuition), I REFUSE to pay for a parking pass. I realize that the surface area costs more to plow in the winter, but really, now! I’m not sure how many students, staff and faculty have purchased the permits, but $79+ (passes cost more for non-students) multiplied by that number seems a tad excessive to me.

There was even a referendum within the last couple of years that went to vote and, thankfully, did not get passed. This referendum was proposing that ALL students pay an extra $100 a year on top of regular tuition in order to subsidize bus passes for those students living off campus who used that service. What about the drivers??? There is no way in HECK I would agree to that proposal! Maybe I’m just being a royal pain in the butt, but we’ll see how much money in parking tickets I owe before I can get my diploma…


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