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I tend to do this a lot. Friends who have known me for awhile will attest to the fact that during the course of a normal conversation, I will jump from topic to topic like a child playing hopscotch. However, if they take the time and really get to know me, they will do one of two things; accept me as I am, or realize that there is a method to my madness  🙂

As I was driving this morning, I came to a sudden realization. It has taken me a long time to get to where I am now in life; I’m slowly beginning to realize that this is greatly due to circumstances beyond my control. One thing that I know has helped me immensely has been my traveling. My good friend and I have been from Shanghai to Long Beach, from Mazatlan to Rome, together. I have seen people, situations and events that are so vastly different from what happens in my insular world “back home”. If I had never been to these places, seen these things, and experienced these events, I know I would have settled. Settled for mediocrity, settled for “what is expected”. Settled for what everyone does. And that’s not me.

So here’s to expanding your horizons. For getting off your rear and experiencing new things. And most of all, for not giving up and settling for whatever happens to fall into your lap. There is something better out there!


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