My name is Cathy, and I’m a 30-something living in New Brunswick, Canada. I also live with depression and anxiety, which is definitely an inspiration for a lot of my writing. I’m very open to talking about mental health issues, so if you’re in need of someone to lean on…I’m here!


6 thoughts on “About”

  1. I’m just a regular gal, in a regular town, living a regular life. I have school, relationship, and job problems, so if you’re like-minded, this is the place to be! My wish for this blog is for it to become a place where we can gather and comfort each other while going through life’s ups and downs.

  2. Hi to everyone who has come here from the DIS; I really, REALLY appreciate your comments and support 🙂 I know my posts can sometimes be repetitive and rambling, but one of the symptoms of depression is stewing over and over about things, whether or not they are under your control. I am working at dealing with that, but things such as this relationship trouble can really bring the stewing to the forefront. I read each and every comment you write, and am always open for advice.

  3. I start my new job in 12 days, and I can’t wait to start! Finally, I found something that will include 2 of my favorite things; 1)interacting with and talking to people, and 2)speaking French. I actually love working, and I’m interested to see what contacts I’ll be able to make with this job.

  4. Well, I have 8 or 9 days left in my job, and I can say that it’s been quite an experience! I’ve learned that different people have different work styles; that you have to stand up for yourself; and that sometimes it’s worth it to give in rather than to argue with someone. Hopefully another opportunity will come from this one!

    I’m hoping to get away somewhere this winter; it might be a Southern Caribbean cruise, it might be Montreal to see U2, it might be Disney World…I’m not sure! All I know is that I’m in need of a vacation, and luckily I have a great travel companion who will come with me!

  5. I had a great Thanksgiving; it was nice to see my youngest brother, who is away at his first year at university. I went for a couple of brisk Fall walks, ate lots of good food, and spent time with family and friends. Thanks, everyone, for helping me have such a great weekend 🙂

  6. I just wanted to give a shout out to my readers; thank you all so much for reading! I really love reading the comments you leave, and seeing some of the search phrases that bring some of you here. As they say…keep ’em coming! 🙂

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