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Worst parking job #1

I’ve wanted to start a series of posts like this for awhile! There seem to be way too many bad parking jobs around this city. Here’s a great example…in a fairly open parking lot…


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Contest/Poll…PEI’s Ugliest Souvenir!

If any of you saw my Tweets from the past few days, you might have noticed that I posted a few pics of PEI “souvenirs” from my Labour Day weekend trip (for those not familiar, Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, and also home to my family’s summer cottage :)). My mother and I perused some area gift shops for a few hours (two of which I used to work at!), and had some fun mocking the truly ugly cr@p that some of them STILL peddle!

I wanted to give the chance to all of my readers to mock these wonderful pieces equally! Therefore, here are the 7 candidates in the order in which I saw them…

I’d love to hear my readers’ opinions on these special pieces- poll to follow! I’ll even award a prize (yet-to-be-determined) to the person who responds with the best comment  🙂

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My favorite YouTube clips: a series!

Those of you who have read some of my previous posts know that my interest in such things as TV shows can be a bit eclectic; certain people I know even tend to mock certain choices (you know who you are!!).  One of my favorite shows of all time is “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, or “AFV” as it is known in its current incarnation. I find it amazing that the show has gone from the age of the VHS to DVD and finally digital media; I remember the host once saying something to the effect of “Sure, you can post your video on YouTube, but where else can you have the chance to win $10,000 for being stupid?!”

The following clip is my all-time favorite, hands down. Why do I find it so funny? Perhaps it’s because I have a kid brother of my own who used to do this sort of thing for attention quite frequently (he would boo the choir in church!). Maybe it’s because the boy in the video looks so darn serious as he is doing his “moves”. Whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😀

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“Memorable” commercials- Post #3

To continue along with my theme of weird and wonderful commercials, I give you: The Hawaii Chair! It needs no introduction…

You absolutely CANNOT watch the first video without following it with how Ellen Degeneres focused on the product in an episode of her show!

Truthfully, though…who would actually buy this product based on the claims in the advertisement? I’ll tell you, if I were to walk into an office and saw the administration assistant or receptionist using one of these chairs, I would doubt the integrity of their purchasing department!  😀

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MadTV: RIP to a comedic genius!

I have a certain IRL friend who has been subject to my countless “MadTV had the BEST parody of that music video!” comments way more times than the poor guy should have had to have been, and I’ll tell him right now that the references are not likely to stop as long as we communicate with each other :p

I started watching MadTV back in high school when I would babysit on the weekends. I’d put the kids in bed, and was free to watch tv until the parents came home. These were the Dark Ages before satellite/digital TV, so my choices were limited to *gasp* basic cable! MadTV was on Fox at midnight in my area, so I saw many, many episodes during my informal childcare “career”.

Since I took a 2-hour nap today courtesy of my cold, I’m wide awake and figured I’d use the time productively 🙂 Therefore, behold some of my favorite MadTV clips. Theme of the day: music video parodies! Beware…this is not the last time I’ll post MadTV clips!! (To those not “in the know”, the last episode of MadTV was in May of 2009 😦 )