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And we think OUR traffic fines are bad…

January 7, 2010

I read this story on a news site recently, and it got me thinking about a couple things…

I admit, I speed on a regular basis. 60 in a 50 zone (for my non-Canadian readers, these numbers are in km/h; to get mph, multiply by 1.6 :)), 100 in an 80 zone…my maxim is “I’m a good driver, and if I’m not hurting anybody, then I’m ok”. I also fancy myself to be an amateur traffic engineer…a speed limit of 50 is rarely necessary, in my opinion, unless the road goes directly in front of a school or a highly densely populated area. All I can say is that I’m lucky I don’t live in Switzerland!

The other thing is tying fines to an individual’s level of income. I heard of a Porsche owner in this area who was caught speeding in his car at about 50 over the speed limit; he is quite well off. Should he be fined the same amount as a 13-year old Toyota Camry owner going the same amount over the speed limit (assuming that a Camry of that age can go 160 km/h)? I will be following this story to see if the man actually has to pay the fine!