Good news

The Brag Post

Sorry to those that I’ve blabbed on and on to about my brother; I’m just so proud and happy for him! ♥

To the uninitiated, there are 3 children in my family; I’m the oldest, there is a brother nearly 3 years younger, and then another brother 10.5 years younger than me. To say that we’re close is an understatement; I’ve been like a second mother to him since he was born. The spacing between us has convinced me that anything less than a 5-year age gap between kids would drive me bonkers, and that people who have kids even 2 years apart are insane!!!

Anyhow, it was high school graduation day yesterday afternoon. Bro’s poor high school is bursting at the seams; it was a middle school designed to house 360 students in 3 grades, and there are now 660 students in 4 grades. His graduating class, at 160 students, was the largest the school ever had. I know many classes are much larger, and I don’t know how you all sit through those ceremonies; this one was “only” 2.5 hours long but seemed like it went on forever!

Bro did very well, getting a 97.4% average overall. He got a certificate for earning top marks in 2 classes, had one of the top 10 averages in the school ($100 prize) and got a $500 bursary. He also got  $15,000 and $8000 scholarship, along with some smaller, but no less important, awards.

Congrats, buddy…you’ve got the world ahead of you. When you become that big shot tax lawyer, I want a ride in your private plane!