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Help; Name That Song!

This has been bugging me for awhile; can anyone tell me the name of the song that Will is playing on his boom box in this clip??? And does the Running Man usually “go” with it? Thanks!!

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Now entering the 70s…’fros and long hair welcome!

My mother has been an avid listener of CBC Radio for as along as I can remember; in fact, my cousins and I call ourselves “CBC” kids because we all grew up listening to Rex Murphy, Barbara Bud, and tales from the Vinyl Cafe. I can hum the intros from a number of shows, and quite often I rely on CBC for my nightly newscast if I am on the road.

About a week ago, my mother called in to CBC and won two tickets to The Eagles Experience at a local theatre. She asked if I would like to go with her, and I was quite reluctant at first; I’m quite skeptical of “tribute” groups and would rather listen to a group’s original recording than sit for a couple of hours and listen to a bunch of guys wail out some other group’s greatest hits. BOY, was I ever proved wrong with this one!

“The Eagles Experience” was, I would say, my second-favorite concert experience of all time (not that I’ve gone to a lot of concerts, but Bon Jovi would be pretty darn hard to beat). The musicians were from all over the world; Australia, New Zealand, England and Scotland. Now, I’m no music expert, but I DID take music lessons for a total of 12 years, and I can appreciate these guys’ talents; most of them played two instruments during the performance (guitar/piano/keyboard/drums). They even looked like the original members of The Eagles, especially the guy portraying Randy Meisner- down to the long hair and facial expressions! I also learned a couple of things from the performance: Don Henley was an Eagle; “California Girls” was a BEACH BOYS’ hit (knowing my mother’s scope of musical knowledge, it’s a miracle she even knew the name of the song, so I’ll let that one pass!); and The Eagles are NOT from Australia (I mixed them up with someone else; maybe ACDC? And the groups’ styles are SO similar too!).

The concert was a total time warp, as most of the audience was 55+, and I saw quite a few patrons wearing jeans, t-shirts, and other typical “70s” wear. When I got home, I remembered that my parents had some really good stories from the 70s; they both lived in Vancouver from the mid- to late- part of the decade, and Vancouver during that time was a heck of a lot more exciting than any place near where I now live during that time! Here are a couple of “clean” ones that really made me chuckle:

– My mother had an Aunt Sadie who also lived in Vancouver at the same time as her; this aunt would have been somewhere in her 60s or 70s at the time. This aunt’s maiden name was MacLean, and when she heard that a singer named Don McLean was coming to town, she just HAD to go see him; after all, he was related to her! The concert wasn’t quite what prim Aunt Sadie was expecting, and I think she left before it was over (what a shame; I’d love to see Don McLean live!)

– My father and an English friend of his were waiting in a line to see a little film called “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” when it first came out in 1975. Well, according to my dad, there was a group of nuns, resplendent in flowing habits and wimples, excitedly discussing the religious movie they were about to see. I’m not sure if you’ve seen this particular film, but let’s just say it’s not exactly something that would be shown in catechism class! I would have paid to see the looks on their faces after the first few minutes of the movie!

I’d go to another concert like this in a second! Now, if only Freddie Mercury could come back from the dead…but for now, please enjoy this clip of The Eagles’ best-known classic being performed live (quality isn’t the greatest, but just close your eyes and pretend you were there ;)).


Music Video #2

Enjoy; this song takes me right back to high school  🙂  The lyrics ring so true…

Lyrics (courtesy of azlyrics):

“One Headlight”

So long ago, I don’t remember when
That’s when they say I lost my only friend
Well they said she died easy of a broken heart disease
As I listened through the cemetery trees

I seen the sun comin’ up at the funeral at dawn
The long broken arm of human law
Now it always seemed such a waste
She always had a pretty face
So I wondered how she hung around this place

Hey, come on try a little
Nothing is forever
There’s got to be something better than
In the middle
But me & Cinderella
We put it all together
We can drive it home
With one headlight

She said it’s cold
It feels like Independence Day
And I can’t break away from this parade
But there’s got to be an opening
Somewhere here in front of me
Through this maze of ugliness and greed
And I seen the sun up ahead
At the county line bridge
Sayin’ all there’s good and nothingness is dead
We’ll run until she’s out of breath
She ran until there’s nothin’ left
She hit the end-it’s just her window ledge


Well this place is old
It feels just like a beat up truck
I turn the engine, but the engine doesn’t turn
Well it smells of cheap wine & cigarettes
This place is always such a mess
Sometimes I think I’d like to watch it burn
I’m so alone, and I feel just like somebody else
Man, I ain’t changed, but I know I ain’t the same
But somewhere here in between the city walls of dyin’ dreams
I think her death it must be killin’ me



A music video experiment!

A friend once did something really neat on his blog; he posted a music video once an hour for 12 hours (I believe; if not this, it was something very similar!). Well, I’m not going to attempt that, but over the next few days, weeks and months, I’ll be randomly posting some of my very favorite music videos. Sometimes it’s the video I really like, sometime it’s the song and sometime it’s a combination of both. Some of the videos will be relics of the 60s, and some will be high-tech masterpieces. I hope you all enjoy!

First up: “Linger”, by the Cranberries. It’s one of my relaxation songs, and it never  fails to calm me.

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Let the music play!

Ahhh, the good old days when Much Music actually played music and not teen-bopper vampire shows…yes, I know I’m an old fuddy-duddy! I used to eagerly anticipate Friday evenings at 6:30, when the Much Music countdown would come on. Now, I still watch music videos, but things just aren’t the same as they used to be  🙂

I thought I’d share a couple of my favorite music videos here. Keep in mind that I’m a 28-year-old woman, so my tastes might not be quite the same as others’! Enjoy!