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My happy place :)

Living here in Canada, at this time of year, can be somewhat depressing. Yes, the leaves turning color are pretty and the crisp air is refreshing, but we also have to deal with frost coating our windshields, dry, chapped lips, and having to drag out shapeless sweaters from the depths of our closets or from the free-for-all in a storage room.

This is the time of year that I think of leaving the Maritimes and going somewhere warm. I doubt that’s going to happen this year due to financial constraints, so I’m happy with simply thinking of my happy place; my cottage in PEI. You see, my cottage is so much more than a building. My late grandfather (whom I miss dearly and who was truly one of the kindest, most selfless people I have ever known) was an architect and designed the cottage for us. Both sides of the family are quite close, and there have been literally dozens of gatherings there since 1991, the first summer it was completed. My grandparents had a cottage across the bay from us, and I have so many happy memories of carousing around with my cousins and other relatives.

At this time of year, I look forward to summer so that I can get back to my happy place. After all, who could resist this?

I hope that everyone has a place they can think of when they are feeling blue, down, or when they just want to escape. I have others, but my cottage will always be the most special to me 🙂

PEI (old, new, everything!)

Long Day!

Well, my friend and I went for a drive in the Southeast corner of PEI today. I think some remnants of Bill were still hanging around, so our outing was accompanied by various forms of rain showers. We saw Panmure Island, Murray Harbour (home of Brad Richards of the Tampa Bay Lightning!), Wood Islands (which is NOT an island!), and lots of fields. Corn, cabbage, potatoes…an Eastern European mecca!

Tomorrow we don’t have any big plans; we’re going to try going to a Haunted Masion, mini golfing and perhaps indulge in a frozen treat. But that’s what vacation is all about; sleep late and party hard! After getting 2.5 hours of sleep last night, I think I’ll opt for shut-eye tonight!  🙂