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Black Friday…are YOU ready for holiday shopping???

Apparently, our neighbors to the South have a tradition called “Black Friday”. Up until a few years ago, I had never heard of this annual event; for those who aren’t aware, Black Friday is the official kickoff to the holiday shopping season in the US. It occurs the day after Thanksgiving, and is the day that stores traditionally see their profits turn from the red (bad) to the black (good) side (however, I’m neither an accountant nor an analyst so please correct me if I’m wrong here!).

Up here in the tundra, we don’t have an “official” start to the holiday shopping season. Hey, maybe I should start the tradition of “Black Tuesday”! Personally, I shop for Christmas gifts throughout the entire year.  Some people (namely, my best friend *wink*!) think I’m crazy, and I suppose I am…I started shopping for Christmas ’09 in December of’ 08…but I now have a pile of gifts stored away for people that cost me a fraction of what they would in the stores right now. I shop like I eat; I graze throughout the year instead of eating (shopping) all at once (I’m also the Queen of Analogies…).  Plus, I’m WAY less stressed and I can treat December as my entertainment shopping month; I get to laugh at the people scrambling and waiting in long lines!!!

I’d be interested in your shopping strategies; do you shop year-round? Do you pick things up as you find them, or do you wait for the November/ December sales? Don’t forget to vote!