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RIP to a great friend…

Before I frighten anyone, no, thank GOODNESS, none of my friends or family have passed away. However, my very loyal and close companion of the past (nearly) 3 years- my Motorola KRZR- has finally bitten the dust!! Now, I had (and still have, over an hour later) mixed feelings about this event, and I’ll tell you why. First of all, this phone is very outdated; not just in the sense of looks (who can forget the big black box phones of the 80s and 90s??), but in a technological sense. Back in January or so, I had finally bitten the bullet and gotten voicemail added to my “talk and text” plan with Koodo Mobile. I got a very friendly agent on the phone who took care of everything in about 5 minutes, and she even got me 5pm evening calling! Well, she asked the usual “And is there anything else I can do for you today?” I said yes, there was; could she fix the caller ID problem I had been having since October? When people were texting me, their names would not show up; only their phone numbers were appearing, and to be honest, I’m really bad at putting names to numbers! Anyhow, I’ll spare the gory details, but basically the woman said she could try and do a software update, but that my phone was so outdated that the technology was really too advanced for it! As well, my second-ever blog post was about a problem with my phone that started a mere 6 months after its purchase; you can read that post here.

I may complain a lot about this phone, but it’ll be hard for me to stop using it and/or give it up. This part is quite hard to explain, but when you’ve had conversations, both voice and by text, regarding love, life and including some tough things as well…if you’re emotional like me, you’ll be somewhat sad. I used this phone to make the first text contact in my most significant relationship to date, and I’ll never forget the excitement I felt as I typed his number for the first time. I still smile when I think of the various messages we exchanged  🙂  Gosh, I sure hope they let me keep the phone after I replace it, although I suppose the texts I saved on it are gone forever… 😦

The result of all of this, however, is that I get to pick out a new phone! I’m just going to get a basic, non-smartphone, as I already have an iPod Touch and a smartphone really isn’t in the cards financially at this point anyhow. I accept any and all suggestions!!!

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Commodore for sale…

I joined Twitter about a year and a half ago, and since then I’ve met many great people from all over the world. We chat about love, life, TV, food….you name it. I’ve made some great connections and had a lot of laughs!

Recently, I was having a discussion with a friend from Australia. She had mentioned that she was selling her Commodore, and that it would be hard to see it go. When I read this, I thought “Ahh, I know how she feels. I remember using Commodores in elementary school [20 years ago!], and if I had kept mine, I’d be attached to it too.” I didn’t think for a second that it was odd to miss a computer so much!

Well, it seems that I missed the post where she linked to a picture similar to this one:

A day or so later,I saw a follow-up Tweet of hers that said something to the effect of “I sold it; it was really hard to see it roll out of the driveway.”  I sent out a reply saying “I know how you feel; my Coleco is still in my basement and I’d hate to give it up.” Which was true, as while the Commodore was my first school computer, the Coleco was the first personal computer I ever used.

Another Twitter friend kindly sent me a Direct Message cluing me into the fact that the other person was, in fact, talking about a car, and not a computer. He brought up a good point: “Didn’t the fact that she mention that it rolled out of the driveway clue you in?” Ummm, no, it didn’t; I completely missed that point! (Anyone reading this who knows me well also knows that, while far from stupid, I can sometimes miss the obvious!  ;))

All was well in the end. My Twitter friend and I commiserated on the pain of letting go of inanimate objects that meant a lot to us, and I gave a few people a few laughs. Heck, I hadn’t thought about the Coleco in years, and the discussion sure brought back some good memories!

RIP, Coleco…I had fun playing the Smurf and Richard Scarry games on your TV-remote-like controller!

A couple screen shots/pics from my favorite games…boy, does this ever bring back memories!

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Do we put up with mediocrity?

A friend of mine was in the market for a new TV the other day, and I went with him to the local big box store to look for one. Naturally, being so close to Super bowl Sunday, there were quite a few advertised at both regular price and on sale.

After taking several factors into consideration, my friend decided on the set he wanted. He inquired about it to the sales associate, as the TV was of a brand he was not familiar with. From what I head, the sales associate essentially said “This is a low-cost brand and you shouldn’t expect much from its after-sale service”. He then tried to get my friend to buy a similar TV, but from a more expensive brand.

This made me think about an experience I had with my cell phone. Koodo is owned by Telus, and I went into the local Telus outlet thinking they could advise me as to a problem with my Koodo phone. The rep essentially said “You get what you pay for; Koodo is low-cost and Telus is more expensive”. My question is…shouldn’t we get service for what we pay for? If a product is defective or doesn’t work, I expect the company (not necessarily the store which sold the item) to stand behind its product, whether it’s their basic model or a high-end product. I realize that I might be paying less money initially, but should the level of after-sale service you receive have to do with how much you paid for a product that is essentially identical to a more-expensive one?

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Has Facebook passed its prime?

I joined Facebook primarily to view pictures and just keep up with friends far and wide in general. I created my account in early 2007, and I have somewhere around 100 “friends”. Out of those, I probably keep in regular contact with about a quarter of them; the rest are just “there” in case I want to drop them a note sometime and comment on a picture or two.

I know that many people really don’t like Facebook; I even know of one person who deleted her account because she was being “Facebook creeped”; basically, a form of electronic voyeurism. I have taken measures to protect my personal information (a friend of mine is friends with someone I don’t want accessing my information), but am aware that nothing is private on Facebook!

When all is said and done, I’m glad I’m a member. FB lets me keep in contact with my cousins out West and in Taiwan, classmates I haven’t seen or spoken to for 10 years, and friends who live in the same city as me. Just don’t be surprised if I don’t update for a bit…I sometimes go into a self-imposed Facebook Exile!