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“Memorable” commercials- Post #5

Hee hee…I was surprised when I first saw this series of ads on TV, and rolled my eyes, but once I saw the tag at the end and knew what they were trying to accomplish, I thought it was brilliant!

Seriously, though…if you have a family history, get checked out!!!

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“Memorable” commercials- Post #4

The things you discover while surfing the Internet!

I have never heard of this thing, but MAN- would my friends and I have ever had fun with it! *Edit: never mind, I see it’s from the 70s…too vintage for this young’un!  😉

“Hey, good lookin’…”

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My aversion to Glee

So, a friend recently tweeted that “Glee” is coming out (hee hee!) with a 3-D movie version of their summer concert tour later in August. Notwithstanding the fact that I won’t watch ANY 3-D movie because they make me dizzy and nauseated, I certainly will NOT be going to this one. surprised


You may ask the question: why bother devoting your time (or in this case, a blog post), to something that you don’t like? Don’t you have better things to do? Well, yes, I do. The thing is, I’m not sure why I dislike “Glee” so much. Two of my very close male friends are ardent fans, and my best friend actually convinced me to watch the show once. “It’s awesome!”, he said. “You’ll love it!”. Off I went to download the first 3 episodes (I do this with most new-to-me-shows), and I sat down to watch the pilot. I got about 5 minutes into the show, and had to turn it off because I disliked it so much. This is the same girl who still sings along to Backstreet Boys songs, who has the songs “Insensitive”, “Stupid”, and “Call and Answer” on her iPod, and who loves going to professional and, yes, high school musicals. Speaking of “High School Musical”, I wasn’t a fan of that either. Perhaps that’s why I don’t like “Glee”; to me, it’s basically a “grown-up” version of the tween franchise. Yes, I know the storyline is different, but hey- they both take place in high schools!


To those who ARE “Glee” fans; I apologize right now. The who know me can attest to the fact that I am MORE stubborn than a mule, and that I defend my (often strong) opinions to the death. I don’t like the show, so by extension I’m not going to be a fan of the concert tour movie. I’ll try and restrain myself as best I can when someone posts something about it, but sometimes something just slips out! I am a realist; for example, my bff and I have been friends for 20 years. I like the Backstreet Boys; he hates them. I liked the show “ER”; he did not. He likes “Glee”; I don’t. I’m sure there are countless other likes and dislikes as well! However, we have managed to stay friends and have never, not ONCE, gotten into a fight about anything, let alone entertainment choices. I hope it stays that way with all my friends, and I use this as an open invitation to give me a slap on the wrist if I’m mean, or if *gasp* my sarcastic streak comes out once in awhile. Do understand, though, that this passionate, stubborn streak also makes me a very loyal friend. I promise! 😀


p.s.- I really don’t like “”Seinfeld, and two of my all-time favorite shows are “Golden Girls” and “Three’s Company”. I suppose I’m really in no place to mock the “Glee”-watchers out there! :p We all have our “things”, and it’s part of what makes us interesting  🙂

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My favorite YouTube clips: a series!

Those of you who have read some of my previous posts know that my interest in such things as TV shows can be a bit eclectic; certain people I know even tend to mock certain choices (you know who you are!!).  One of my favorite shows of all time is “America’s Funniest Home Videos”, or “AFV” as it is known in its current incarnation. I find it amazing that the show has gone from the age of the VHS to DVD and finally digital media; I remember the host once saying something to the effect of “Sure, you can post your video on YouTube, but where else can you have the chance to win $10,000 for being stupid?!”

The following clip is my all-time favorite, hands down. Why do I find it so funny? Perhaps it’s because I have a kid brother of my own who used to do this sort of thing for attention quite frequently (he would boo the choir in church!). Maybe it’s because the boy in the video looks so darn serious as he is doing his “moves”. Whatever the reason, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do 😀

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MadTV: RIP to a comedic genius!

I have a certain IRL friend who has been subject to my countless “MadTV had the BEST parody of that music video!” comments way more times than the poor guy should have had to have been, and I’ll tell him right now that the references are not likely to stop as long as we communicate with each other :p

I started watching MadTV back in high school when I would babysit on the weekends. I’d put the kids in bed, and was free to watch tv until the parents came home. These were the Dark Ages before satellite/digital TV, so my choices were limited to *gasp* basic cable! MadTV was on Fox at midnight in my area, so I saw many, many episodes during my informal childcare “career”.

Since I took a 2-hour nap today courtesy of my cold, I’m wide awake and figured I’d use the time productively 🙂 Therefore, behold some of my favorite MadTV clips. Theme of the day: music video parodies! Beware…this is not the last time I’ll post MadTV clips!! (To those not “in the know”, the last episode of MadTV was in May of 2009 😦 )