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I’ve written before on here about my struggles with mental illness. I use the word “struggle” because it took me, oh, 27 years to realize that I suffered from depression/anxiety, and a further 2 years to find a medicine that works for me. I know that drugs affect different people very differently, but let me tell you: Effexor is BAD. Very bad. So bad that my anxiety would INCREASE and I’d worry about missing a pill due to the side effects! For me, the worst was the disturbing dreams. If I missed just ONE pill, oh boy…I’d wake up scared. The medicine I’m on now (generic Prozac) is MUCH better 🙂

Which brings me to the inspiration for this post: the dream I had the night before last. I can’t remember every detail, but I do remember this: I met someone, and the relationship evolved over time. None of this “I’m cute, you’re cute, let’s hook up”. We first saw each other at an event of some kind, and I said to a friend at one point “I knew the first time I saw him that he was the one for me”. He was a kind person, and said nice things to me. I just remember waking up and feeling happier than I have in a long, long time.

(For those of you who are wondering- my dream guy bore a striking resemblance to Ty Burrell of “Modern Family” fame. I think he’s very attractive, but what draws him to me most is his sense of humor, hard-working nature and goofiness :))

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My first Christmas tree :)

I thought I’d post a pic of my very first, all-to-myself, Christmas tree. Oh, I’ve decorated several trees in the past, but they’ve been shared with either family or a roommate (love ya Denis!). Christmas trees and I have a bit of a precarious history; back in 1984 or 1985 (not sure if I WAS 3 or just almost 3); I pulled my mother’s meticulously decorated creation to the floor, breaking several gorgeous glass ornaments in the process. I’ve been making it up to her, though; I buy her several ornaments each year to add to her collection!


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One year ago today…

I’m big on anniversaries. I remember the date of my first kiss, my first slow dance, my second cousin once removed’s birthday, my parents’ anniversary (which even my own FATHER often forgets, but I give him a pass on that one; his mother’s birthday was the day before!)…

One year ago today, I was lying awake, a nervous wreck before I was to start a new job. That job didn’t work out for various reasons, but almost 6 months later to the day I found a job I love, and here I am 6 months after THAT still loving it!

I haven’t felt this happy in a long time…in fact, I don’t know if I’ve EVER been so at peace with my life. The next step is to get physically fit and lose weight, and to continue to take care of my mental health.

Ramble done…thanks for listening to the musings from my little corner of the world 🙂

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Contest/Poll…PEI’s Ugliest Souvenir!

If any of you saw my Tweets from the past few days, you might have noticed that I posted a few pics of PEI “souvenirs” from my Labour Day weekend trip (for those not familiar, Prince Edward Island is Canada’s smallest province, and also home to my family’s summer cottage :)). My mother and I perused some area gift shops for a few hours (two of which I used to work at!), and had some fun mocking the truly ugly cr@p that some of them STILL peddle!

I wanted to give the chance to all of my readers to mock these wonderful pieces equally! Therefore, here are the 7 candidates in the order in which I saw them…

I’d love to hear my readers’ opinions on these special pieces- poll to follow! I’ll even award a prize (yet-to-be-determined) to the person who responds with the best comment  🙂

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Hop, hop, hopping my way to a healthy lifestyle- Week 1!

Welcome to the Feelin’ Fab Friday Blog Hop!

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Please take a minute to link up your blog post about what makes you feel fab.  A couple of friends and I started this hop as a way to share weight loss tips and tricks and just some ways to feel fab each and every day.  We certainly hope you’re feeling fab while enjoying this weekly hop!!

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I posted a few weeks ago about wanting to lose 30 pounds by the time I turn 30 next year; you can read that post here. Well, my post caught the eye of an awesome Tweep, @lynnsc08, and she raised the idea of doing a blog hop to help encourage others on their journey to having a healthy lifestyle. I invite anyone and everyone who has a blog, and who wants to join in, to start hopping and to get healthy! 🙂
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Jumping back in…

Warning: if you’ve had enough of friends/relatives/strangers going on about finding Mr/Ms. Right, then this isn’t the post for you! 😛

It isn’t something I talk a whole lot about to anyone other than close friends, but I haven’t had the best luck in the relationship arena. I’ve never accomplished anything on a strict timeline; I was 19 when I got my driver’s license, and my university degree has been a true roller coaster of up-and-down emotions and academic results. There are some things I believe in setting a firm goal for; for instance, if you read my 30 in 30 post, you’ll know that I am DETERMINED to lose 30 lbs by my 30th birthday in January. There is no one but me standing in the way of that goal!!

However, I draw the line with relationships and firm goals. I have seen what has happened with the “I want to get married by 28” and “I want to be a mom by 30″ people, and in the majority of cases things haven’t ended well. Of course, I know there are special circumstances; illness, military deployment, or any of a myriad of personal reasons why people want to accomplish something by a certain point in their life. Saying that, I get REALLY stinkin’ jealous of some people around my age who are getting married, have found Mr/Ms. Right, are having kids…they have someone to love them, to care for them and about them. Don’t get me wrong; my parents and brothers are WONDERFUL and have been, and continue to be, an enormous support to me. However, it would be really nice to have someone around to talk with, to cry with when I’m having a bad day, to watch my favorite movies and TV show with…to just be there for me when I need him.

Sooo…I’m taking the first baby step in jumping back into the wonderful world of the awkward back-and-forth tango more commonly known as “dating”; I’m admitting that I truly want to find someone, that life partner who will stick around through the bad times and the good. I don’t know what’s going to end up working for me, but I talk a lot and love meeting new people, so I’ll use that to start with and go from there  🙂  Barring that, there are always arranged marriages… 😀

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If you’re going to chase Royals, WEAR SNEAKERS!!!

*I will preface this post by stating that I will refer to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as Will and Kate. They are pretty casual people, after all!*

I was one of those crazy people who got up at the crack of dawn (well, earlier than the crack of dawn, actually; it was 3:50am!) to watch Will and Kate’s wedding. You see, my mother and grandmother are great fans of the royal family, and books about the various members of the monarchy have always been everywhere around the house and cottage. It was a great activity for Mom and I to enjoy, and watching the entire wedding with her will always be one of my favorite memories of time we spent together  🙂

When word got out that Will and Kate would be coming to Prince Edward Island this summer, there was NO question that I would be going! My BFF got the weekend off of work to join me, and I shift-traded in order to make a nice long weekend. Time set aside, we headed over to the Island after work on the evening of Canada Day. On Sunday afternoon, we did a bit of a reconnaissance mission to determine where we would stake out our spot the next morning for the main event; an appearance and walkabout at Province House. The royal couple was set to land in Charlottetown on Sunday evening, so out to the airport we headed! It was really neat seeing their plane land; I forgot (*GASP*) my camera at home (as you will read later, it was just as well!), so I snapped a pic with my iPod Touch:

The next day, we left the cottage bright and early in the morning in order to stake our place in front of Province House. We parked at my grandmother’s house and walked the 15 minutes into town (remember this; we had also done a round trip the day before during our recon mission!). The royal couple was scheduled to speak there, do a walkabout, ride down Great George Street (the street perpendicular to Province House) in a landau (i.e. a carriage pulled by horses!), and then watch a performance on the waterfront. We got to the area at about 8:30, and there were a LOT of people there; some had been waiting since the previous evening! Since I am relatively short (5’6″), there was no way in Hades that I was going to be able to get any decent photos, since people were crammed together like sardines and we were 2-3 rows of people back from the barricade. Instead, I concentrated on enjoying the moment and taking pictures of the giant TV screen that we were coincidentally positioned close to  🙂

By the time Will and Kate appeared outside, we had walked 15 minutes at a rapid pace and stood in the same spot, barely moving, for almost 2 hours. Remember than recon mission from yesterday? I don’t wear sneakers in the summer unless I’m at the gym. Therefore, I was wearing my super-comfy, well broken-in Birkenstocks. Standing in that crowd, I could FEEL giant blisters on the bottom of both feet, and they felt like they were on fire! I managed to limp down to the waterfront to do some more stalking (bff is SO lucky that he’s 6’+ tall and has a SUPER camera!!!), and then managed the 15-minute walk back to the car through gritted teeth. By the time we got home, my feet were so sore that the only thing I could compare them to was the result of the Black High-Heeled Boots in Paris incident of 2005! I unfortunately had to miss Will and Kate’s departure later that day for Summerside, where my bff shook both of their hands, and where my mother ended up on!

Lesson learned: if you’re going to stalk Royals, do so in Nikes, not Birkenstocks. Even the most fit will be taken down. Trust me!!